Sunday, January 13, 2013

Don't Worry, Be Happy!

Intrigued by a FB prompt on a friends page, I decided to post the eternal question too; What is happiness? The responses were not many, but then I wasn’t expecting a flow either. From the 200+ in my network, there are a trusted and loyal hand full who take the time to read my posts and respond and it is them that make a big part of my happy world.

Happiness, defining it as mysterious as the existence of an Unicorn. I know it’s an unusual comparison, but lately my world has been filled with purple unicorns.

Coming back to happiness; It’s a state of mind says the intellectual, Its being home with my kids says a mom, it’s the first kiss says a sweet 16, it’s getting everything on your Santa wish list says a kid, its not being sad, its all about food, its living life with vigor says she and he alike.  Trusted always, Webster says its “a state of well being and contentment” or it’s a “pleasurable or satisfying experience.” 

As many people, as many definitions of happiness.

Do these definitions really mean anything to you? And be honest.

Another interesting emerging trend is to quantify happiness. Its almost becoming an industry of its own, as now governments want to add the happiness criteria to their measures of success.   And for me that straight out takes away the joy of being happy.

So what is happiness? I can only speak for myself. And here’s my take on this elusive question. Happiness to me has nothing to do with whether or not I have achieved my career goals ( which as we all know, I left long time ago,) it is not about what dress size I wear and it is definitely not about what my cheque book says.

Happiness is the freedom to be me. It is the freedom I have to make choices and take decisions. After all what good is a fat wallet or a size 0 dress if the freedom to do is missing. It is this freedom to be who we are that allows us to achieve our personal goals, set new career objectives and achieve them too. And for that I thank my husband. He gave me the freedom to be a stay at home, no questions asked. No suggestions given, just the simple freedom to do what I wanted.  Its been over a decade, but he simply said, “do what works for you, we’ll figure the rest out.”

So happiness to me is being me.  It is this sense of immense self existence that lets me "grumpily smile" through all adversities of life.

So my next question to all is, when I can’t quantify my own existence, how will any government or a psychologist find my happiness quotient. They can give me a form to answer questions and tick on happy, very happy, unhappy and so forth, but will that tell anyone, anything.

Happiness is not an objective quantity. It’s not even subjective for that matter, because its not a state of mind, it’s a state of being. 

This was at 6.30am few days ago.
After a stormy night, the Sun rises to a beautiful morning
reminding us yet again of the cycle of life;
the cycle to keep moving.
The slave was not unhappy for he was a slave, He was unhappy for he was not there for the world.   And when his existence was proven, he soared high to write, to invent, to run, to entertain, to lead and above all to freedom. 

Don’t worry, Be Happy. It’s just You!


  1. Very beautifully expressed, I drifted into my own thought process and realized that, as I looked around myself at the women in my life, my mother, mother-in-law, sisters, sisters-in-law, I had a lot to be happy about... my life revolves around my family but is not governed by it, I have my space, my freedom that my family has helped me keep...

    1. Very true Ruma. Happiness ofcourse revolves around family and friends, but is mostly experienced by oneself. Glad you liked it. Thanks!

  2. POSTING on behalf of a friend from my FB page at

    "Very correctly said that Happiness is not the state of mind; it’s a state of being!!!
    God gave us birth as a human, the best form of all the animals, where he included mind in us which can think. But today the human uses logical thinking to get benefitted from the materialistic world. Eventually not knowing what is being lost. In quest of being happy our race is on treasure hunt – trying to find answers in the outer world to the questions raised by them.
    My take on happiness is living every moment of life let it be good or bad and trying to spread the same to others by small gestures in my own limitations. " - Seema.

    1. Glad we are on the same page. Like your analogy for the treasure hunt... its an endless one :-)

  3. Very well written nd freedom plays an important role in each ones life..hw many of us have the freedom to live life the way we like..yes we r blessed today we r able to make a call to lead our life..:)) all the best for all ur future write ups..u r indeed doing a good job as always..apologys fr being late in replying fr all known reasons :)) ur write ups r truly food fr soul

    1. Food for the soul ... thats one of the best compliments. Thank you for the continued support. Keep visiting here.