Sunday, January 27, 2013

Trying to bring structure to this blog.

Hello, its me again :-) and so glad to see yo u here.

Its been two months since I started this blog and every post has been from the heart. One of the unsaid benefits of starting the blog has been walking my self through the thoughts and that's always a good thing.

Glass Art at the Children Museum of Indianapolis.
The explosion of colors in this masterpiece reminds me of
4th of July Fireworks. 
In the blogging world, there is Wordless Wednesdays - where bloggers post a pic and no writing, there is Philanthropy Fridays - on how to give back. 

I am now starting Music Mondays and Thoughtful Thursdays on my blog.  Maybe these already exists, and if I find other bloggers doing the same, I will post their linky things on this blog too.

Music Mondays - starting off the week right, with a song that has been making me happy and helps me to angrily, grumpily smile through it all.

Thoughtful Thursdays - where I express my thoughts; random, structured, emotional and all.

And I am going to join the others for Wordless Wednesdays. This is where I hope to post the pics of my paintings.

The challenge is not how to find material to write or post, but developing the discipline to be posting regularly and on time.

I am starting this Monday with "Firework" by Katy Perry.  Check out the tab above - Music Mondays.

You are a Firework, just ignite the light.



  1. Enjoyed the version, had a smile on my face throughout .... so yeah, your Music Monday initiative has worked its magic on me. And, I like Katy Perry so spot on! :)

  2. Thanks Cheryl! For me that's mission accomplished :-)
    The Grammy's are right around the corner... listen for "Wide Awake" .. another amazing song.