Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The lost princess.

She was a princess born into an otherwise unknown kingdom. Her little home. The walls were a serene white and the only thing in abundance was love. She was showered with love everyday and her eyes sparkled with joy, it was pure innocence.

And then came childhood, full of laughter and playing in the sand and dirt making little castles where her dolls awaited their prince. Through their eyes she dreamt of a prince too. A prince whose hand she would hold and stand tall as she journeyed this world.  She was proud as a peacock and brilliant as an owl.  Her aspirations and dreams knew no bound. Nothing was impossible.

Like a caterpillar she had blossomed into a beautiful vibrant butterfly. She no longer needed the cocoon to protect her. She had travelled the world and seen its beauty. Amongst all the madness, she had found beauty in herself and in her work.  And she continued to dream of the prince.

He was confident and brilliant, just like her. She had found her prince; and soon, they were blessed by the world, to live happily ever after.

And so began a new story, soon they had their little princess and showered the same love and blessings on her.  Slowly but surely, life was now routine and the charisma and magic of young love was over. They were both now parents; trying to juggle and balance life.  

Time no longer stood still as they gazed into the sky, there was now the noise of phone calls, alarm clocks and a little princess who was testing her toddler vocal cords.

The gleam in her eye was replaced by questions, the pride was replaced by doubt and it didn't matter anymore. And yet she continued to love her prince. But then came the war, and the prince had to leave. He won the war, he was now the king, but had seen newer lands and wasn't sure which to call home.

Surrounded by beauty she waits for the pretty.

NO.. I did not paint this. Though would love to one day.
Its something I found on the net...I need to find the name of
the artist, and post it here.
Its a great piece of art, I am sure u agree. 
She wondered with bewildered eyes where the sands of time would take her.  Her daughter's smile was her oasis. She silently prayed and hoped for a better tomorrow for herself. And wondered if she will see the clear sky again. 

Such is the story of not one but many women in this world. These are not random thoughts, but thoughts that came to me as I read the different articles on FB, and varied news websites. 

Why doesn't a woman have a voice? Why is it that a woman considers it her duty to cook for the family? Its an unsaid expectation, that the woman cooks and cleans. And if the man steps up to help, he is considered hen pecked. Who defined these roles and who made them the norm? 

All very poignant questions, I know. But such is the mood today.

Hoping this new year is when we learn to celebrate the being that gave birth to civilizations. For it is true, without a woman there would be no man and no world. 


  1. This is a beautiful entry. The two of us are examples of different women, living in different parts of the country, coming from very different cultures, that share so much of the same feelings and emotions. I do not understand why some people think humans are all so different. Thank you for sharing and showing a common bond.

    1. Thanks Amy. Glad you agree. Its amazing what we as women can do for each other. Geographical boundaries, language barriers, ethnic differences don't matter at all. What ties us women together is I think the pride of being a woman. This particular piece is very personal to me, as I see it in India, I see it in US, its every where. Thanks again, for visiting this blog.

      Cheers to Womanhood and all that we share.