Monday, November 26, 2012

O My God! Its all the same.

OMG! A phrase heard one too many a time our modern lives. It is interesting how many "astonishment phrases" are connected to God; Holy Cow!, Jesus Christ!, OMG!, Hey Bhagwan (OMG in Hindi), Thank God and so forth, and yet as a society we claim to be rational and logical.  

As humans we claim to be rational, logical and analytical. If that is true, then how and why do we believe in an invisible entity God? Why is it that different religions of the world worship him in different forms? And more importantly, why do we call those who choose to question his existence "an atheist." For isn't logical thinking at the core of human existence.  

What is your take on this? Is God there? What is religion? 

To me religion is an inspiration, its in a sense my back up support system. When all else fails, I fall back on religion.  Boring, yes, but it works for me. When things go wrong, I tell myself, its happening for a reason and all will be well again. This simple sentence helps me move forward and the process of moving forward kick starts the process of thinking logically and things start falling into place again. 

I was born and brought up in India. The land that cradled civilizations from far never heard lands, is today home to 330 Million gods. Do we know all of them? Absolutely not, We all have our favorites.  One god though stands apart.. Ganesha aka to the western world as "The Elephant God."

How he got his elephant head is a story for another time. But while painting this particular piece of art, I realized one thing, Ganesha is to the Indian mythology what Nutcracker is to this festive season.

The figurine of nutcracker comes in every possible size, color and act. Similarly, Ganesha has been depicted in every way.

This painting was an on demand project. I have never formally learned painting, but have always loved colors, the art of mixing them and creating something. One "just another day morning," a dear friend, brought a 17 opening frame to me and said, can you make seventeen different Ganesha's for me and gave me this frame. And that is how Imperfectly Perfect Creations was born.    

17 panel Ganesha frame. 

Details showing the use of micro beads. 
Each image is a hand made background. Some are store bought hand made papers from Paper Source  and some painted by yours truly.  I used acrylic paint and micro beads for embellishments and Swarovski crystals.

Are all these images figments of my imagination. Not really, the creative use of materials, yes, that is mine, but the images are a result of inspirations from seeing so many different images over the years.

Center Image: Copper Tooling, with 400 Swarovski Crystals. 

Having painted so many different images of Ganesha's and seeing the cross cultural mythological similarities, I am convinced; It's all the same. This realization was truly a OMG moment!

Do I have proof, no and I don't need it; because "faith begins where logic ends."

I hope you enjoy these paintings and if you would like to see more of my paintings, feel free to me at Imperfectly Perfect on FB!

Keep in touch. Its good to hear from you. Till next time, keep believing and moving forward

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Blog, O Blog!

Starting to design this blog is proving to be more complicated than I had envisioned. Agreed, nothing comes easy, but then when one sees everyone, and I mean literally anyone and everyone like myself wanting to have a blog, shouldn't it be easy. 

After all we live in an era of making things happen with a swipe of a finger, so why can't blog designing be that simple. Why isn't there an app that just designs it for me or at least takes the brain work out of it. Well, as much as I would like to have a genie who would design this for me. I thank Google for not making it so brainless. It requires some effort and lots of thought, only because unlike a business website, a blog reflects its owner. 

"For isn't a mother, but a reflection of her child."  She is and so is a blog. Its a reflection of its owner.  Having a blog besides being cool and all, is also a social responsibility. Its a responsibility to make it intellectually stimulating and thought provoking and smile worthy. 

Today, the wee end of Thanksgiving 2012,  it is a happy feeling to fulfill a promise made to self, the start of a blog; Imperfectly Perfect Creations... with Shilpa. 

Imperfectly Perfect, cos that's how my world is.  Every day starts of with a beautiful dawn, that gets engulfed sometimes by a dreary overcast sky or shines brighter to a scorching sun. Either way, the day ends beautifully to calm and breezy evening.  Imperfectly Perfect ending every day. 

Through this blog, I hope to share my art, and the story of its birth :)  Some where in between, I hope to hear from you, that which will make me and my art evolve to a better place. 

And with this, wish me luck so I can design and understand the world of tags and gadgets. 

Happy Blogging!