Monday, December 31, 2012

A Blank Calendar!

31st December, 2012 @ 3.00pm... 9 hours away from 2013.

The question is how do you like welcoming the New Year?  With a bang, with a quiet moment, with a bow to the lord almighty Or just like any other day.  Let us share our stories. You never know what common threads we will find. Threads that will weave a fabric of vibrant dreams and aspirations.  

While I am thankful for a year that passed away with good health, happiness and yes amidst the happy endings, there were notes of melancholy and dispute. But then, "all's well that ends well."  While the world celebrates the New Year with everything loud, I like to welcome the New Year calmly and peacefully; for a song that starts with a silent note, most likely will end with a peaceful note too.  So this New Year's eve, like every year its not going to be partying loud, but staying home with friends and family, maybe a wine here or two, maybe a movie, maybe a few songs, but most of all its going to be about going down the memory lane, pulling each other's legs, and laughing it out and loud. 

A little unconventional, New Year to me also brings a lot of anxiousness. To me its a Blank Calendar. A calendar that I have no idea what's going to be written on.  But I do know, what I you choose to write in January will decide the tone of February and so forth. You're probably thinking I am a planning freak. To some extent, yes you are right. I do like to plan my life and things ahead, but only to eliminate the fear of unknown.  And when things don't go as planned, I admit, I can and do panic, but the planning freak in me always has a back up plan. LOL! I guess that's enough planning for now. 

Any New Year resolutions? Mine, Shhh.... its top secret, it's all about fitting into that favorite dress I got made on my 20th birthday. Dream on, you say. I know, its a far fetched dream, but this world lives on hope and I personally thrive on hope.  And I have do have a plan, follow the  6 ways to keep your New Year's Resolution from the trusted Forbes Magazine :-) 

At this very moment, I am just in a very happy state. As the crisp golden sunlight streams in through the window blinds onto my laptop screen, I am oblivious to the squeals and giggles of three kids playing in the background, shamelessly I pretend NOT to see my mom and sister-in-law winding up the kitchen  and  continue to squint my eyes and type away :-) God bless them for gifting me with these relaxing moments.  Its all about today, for I havent' seen tomorrow. Focus on the present of today, only then will the future come beautifully gift wrapped with a sparkling bow on the top. 

Scrapbook tacks and pearls bring it to life. 
Ending this post, with two different Imperfectly Perfect Creations: Cherry Blossoms symbolize the new.  This painting came out of nowhere again. All I knew was its going to be a red background. Its one of my favorites because it was a first for me to use the odds and ends to create this look. While the background is acrylic, the branches and flowers are a mix of beads, gel, scrapbook tacks and white pearls. 

Light a candle today and smile. 
Painted Candles: This holiday season was all about painted candles. Bored of using canvas as a surface, I wanted an alternative. And Pier 1 came to the rescue. I often go window shopping there and seeing the candles, I decided to buy just generic scented candles and started painting them. Gave them as gifts to all friends. 

I absolutely love candles; for a candle lit, can light a romance, a path or simply another candle. Either way it brings happiness. For more, visit my FB page at Imperfectly Perfect Creations FB page

This New Year's Eve, light a candle for some one you love, some you lost along the way, or maybe a friend you have been wanting to say hello to, but haven't said so yet.

2013; It's a blank calendar. Mark it carefully, and somewhere in between save a day for a coffee date with me. 



  1. Very well written!! It makes me want to imagine, create and get artsy again. Awaiting the year 2013--just a few more hours to go.....
    No definite resolutions but would love to take life as it comes and just go with the flow!! Though that is a tough one for me as I am just like you.. a planning freak:)
    Hoping to rewind, relax and revive the inner me this new year...Cheers to that!
    Happy New Year!

  2. Absolutely Sweta. Pick up those brushes and discover color again. And planning freak is okay, its the planning that brings out the old and takes in the new. Wishing you a thriving 2013!