Friday, December 21, 2012

Magic, Mystery, Myth Or ..... ?

A 10 year old someone is doubting his belief this year. Is Santa real, he asks me. Is planning a stake out on 24th night and wants to have a friend over too, so they can together catch Santa and ask him does he really stay on North Pole? How does he travel all over the world in 24 hours, because thats humanly impossible. I say, exactly the point. 

Santa sends them letters too!
I have kept the magic alive for the past ten years, Xmas letters go up on the tree, and then in the silence of the night,  tiny pointed ear creatures, creep through the doors, tippy toe to the xmas tree, climb up slowly and carry the weighted letter back to the big guy. The big guy, he who has a white beard, he who loves the milk and cookies, he who has his own star; The Polaris and is watching us all year long from the very far away North Pole and sends us a reply too. 

This year poses to be bit of a challenge. A 10 year old who is at the brink of disbelief and a four year old who is in awe of the christmas tree, adds new decoration every day and  squeals with joy every time some one says "its almost christmas."  

Four more days to Christmas and I have no plan on how to keep it alive. I think and think more and keep asking myself, who do we believe in; Santa, the gifts or parties. 

North Pole? Not quite, but pretty close :-)
Do you believe in Santa is a question I asked on my FB wall.  The responses were minimal and varied. Some kept it secret, some kept it diplomatic, one said "Santa is God,"  and some said they are their own Santa, not because they buy the gifts but because it motivates them to keep doing the good and reap the rewards of a satisfying and fulfilling life at the end of the day.  What does it mean for you? 

To me, Santa is magic. Its the magic of belief, its the magic that no matter how bad my day is, its going to all fall into place like an obvious puzzle before the sun rises again.   Yes, it is true that we have never seen Santa, but I love the fact that in the month of December, the spirit of Santa enters us. The spirit brings out the best in us. It teaches us to share, say hello to a stranger and give to the unknown; just because its christmas. 

Why do we wait till Christmas to be giving? 

A friend summed it up beautifully on my FB wall, 
she wrote "A physical Santa doesn’t exist, but a thought provoking transcendent Santa does. Sublime are the ways of the mind stimulating us to better ourselves with influences of the likes of Santa." 

Writing this post, has walked me through my thoughts and I have a simply silly plan. Crush ice, make snow and its going to go inside the fireplace.  For, if its not Santa, how else would there be snow in this town of moderate temperatures? 

Keep listening to the reindeer bell, for the bell keeps the magic in you alive. When the bell stops ringing, know you are now an adult; a grown up who believes in logic over magic. 


  1. We watched The Polar Express last night. That movie always reminds me to believe in the spirit of Christmas. I still hear that bell! I love your ice idea. Good luck keeping that magic alive!

  2. Thanks Jennifer. Polar Express is my all time favorite too. I see it every year with the kids and the end is my favorite part. The bell still rings :-) At this end, we had a stake out to catch Santa... but soon, sleep took over and Santa came some where between 1.00am and 5.00am with a boatload. Santa letters were delivered too, the milk and cookies were gone from right under our noses. Mission accomplished! The magic and innocence continues to be alive.