Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Me, My Wall and You!

A wall, in the pre-social media days was a brick and mortar division between different rooms of a house. Today it's where I meet you.  

I meet you everyday on this wall in the Facebook mansion.  We meet, we talk, we share ideas, we joke and we help each other get up during those difficult times.   

Social media is often criticized for changing the way we communicate. I am guilty of this crime too. I have not once, but many times complained of the m - generation forgetting the etiquettes and the capability to interact and communicate.  I was recently reminded that the change is here to stay. We either accept it with a smile or with a frown. The choice is ours. 
Today's post is very simple. I decided to pen down some very simple ways in which this wall is changing the way I live my life, so when an almost grown up adult asks me for an account, I can go back to this post and explain the power of the wall. 
  • My wall today teaches me to eat more healthy. Yes, it does. Every update from In fitness and In health, allows me to learn more about the do's and don'ts for living a healthier life. The fact that I can take pictures and post, gives me bragging rights too :)
  • My wall motivates me to cook more. Your pictures of the yummies you make gives me a reason to get up and take those long lost cook books out and make a gourmet dish for a perfectly ordinary day. 
  • My wall has connected me to friends I had lost, but not forgotten.  
  • The wall today is my one stop shop for all questions un answered. Any problem, post it on your wall and there will be a flood of answers to solve all your problems. 
  • The wall gave me an idea long time ago to start painting and I did.  
  • My wall also shows me the side that has been painted negatively, it is then this very wall that helps me paint over the negativity and make it beautiful again. 
There are many sub categories that these influences can be broken down into, with one thing in common; the wall motivates.  

The wall makes sure no doors are closed and there is always some one around to listen to you. But be cautious, for the power of the wall should not be underestimated. The 500 million + friends is not what makes your wall alive, it is how you paint the wall that makes the wall a sought after hang out space. Today, I ignored three friend invites I had, because according to me, virtual or real, it is important to choose friends wisely. Only those who I value can write on my wall. The others can wait.  

The wall by itself is not good or bad. Just like any other choice, it is us that make it good or bad. 

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