Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Halloween Fun!

There's so much happening around me, it's been tough choosing a topic to write about.  I asked myself, should I write about the politicians, who wearing the attire of a well wisher choose to behave like a pampered spoilt child or should I write about the daily grind of life and how a snear here and a smirk there by passers by continues to surprise me.  Maybe I should write about the Halloween bash I am planning for my kinder classroom, and then it struck me, its all about Halloween anyway. 

Courtesy: Indianapolis Star, Gary Varvel. 
When grown up adults who are under oath to do the best for their country decide to shutdown all work, simply because they cannot agree or rather don't want to try and find an agreement, it is nothing short of a sad comical situation. When the power to make or break the decisions lies in the hands of a few, and they choose to break, thats halloween scary. It takes a brilliant cartoonist to see the humor in every situation. I loved this cartoon from the Indianapolis Star. 

Halloween continues in our daily lives too.  Everyday we meet a disgruntled colleague, maybe a friend who loves stepping on your toes just because or a neighbor who cannot stop envying you,  either way its halloween fun.  

Let's be honest, do we wear ourselves everyday?  I know I am not wearing myself every day for sure.  Every so often we put on the costume we know will make the world proud of us.  We all have an alter ego. An alter ego that is not necessarily defying, the alter ego might simply be the a reminder of what you wanted to do, but could not. Maybe this halloween you want to wear a doctors coat, for you always wanted to go to medical school or maybe you want to be an angel, so you have an excuse to help the friend who is too independent to ask for help or maybe  you want to be a cop because you make sure your family is safe everyday. 

Don't be shy, be who you want to be. 

As for me, over years, I have realized I am the best at being a parent and also the worst at being the parent, so I think I am going to be the mom that I am, and according to some, that's a pretty scary :) 

The word Halloween conjures up images about witches, wizards, spiders, bats and pumpkins. All things dark and gory are sold during Halloween, but I think there's a nicer side to this festival. It's about ghouls and witches, true but it's so the demons don't scare us.  The dressing up is to confuse the demons so they would not mistake us as humans and think of us as one of them and in turn, spare us.  Sort of like the costume we wear often to confuse the world, so the world does not see the real us. 

Fall, its the perfect time of the year. The hot humid air is making way for some cooler and crisper winds that help ripen the leaves for some amazing fall colors. The longer days make way for longer nights giving us more time to be indoors and spend time with each other rather than running errands. Halloween is fun and its not all about the scary witches and ghouls. Its also about the pumpkin soup and the toasty bread. 

So chuck those ego's and smirks away and it's okay to be naughty but remember, it's October and Santa is watching.  

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