Thursday, September 19, 2013

Blah day!

Ever had one of those days when it was all just blah. There were no problems, no arguments and yet it all felt monotonous.  One of those days, when you weren't angry at anyone or sad for any reason, yet it didn't feel right.  Today was one such day for me.

My original post was something totally different. It was supposed to be a beautiful post celebrating beauty itself, and even though I had taken a lot of time and effort to write it. It didn't seem right. Something was missing.  I decided to delete it all. That's how my mind works, editing some how doesn't work.. to re write something to me, is like trying to fluff over cooked rice. Strange analogy I know, but like I said its one of those blah days today.

Well, when I am in blah mood.. there are only two things that cheer me up, cooking or painting.  So I picked up a sketch book and some sketch pencils.. and this is what I made.

I call it "The Humdrum Lighthouse"

The Humdrum Lighthouse - my cure to the blahness. 

The lighthouse maybe humdrum, but I am happy now. There is something magical about art that just makes me happy. Not sure what it is or why because I am not a formally trained artist by any standards, but just having a pencil or a brush in my hand makes me feel alive again.

As I take a closer look at this painting, I do like how the stones turned out. The Lighthouse by itself is very amateur, but then its imperfectly perfect.

Moral of the story,  doing something for self is the quickest way to get rid of the blah and bring in the Aha!

What makes you alive? 


  1. Well! I'll begin from the end. What makes me alive? Reorganising my wardrobe, rearranging the furniture, cutting off my jeans to make shorts, whipping up a cup of frothy coffee. Does take the ennui away!
    And now about your sketch of the lighthouse... Have you read The Foghorn by Ray Bradbury? A marvellous story I read while in high school and since then the lighthouse has been etched in my memory as the most fascinating piece of human endeavour! When darkness engulfs the choppy sea,the lighthouse reaches out to myriad ships as a ray of assurance that the destination is near. Have to save your sketch as I loved it and yes the rocks add to the romance of it!! Try sketching it again on black art paper with a white crayon. Would really love to see the effect!!
    So glad its Friday today! Season of fairs has begun... its like a blood transfusion for me!!
    Enjoy the weekend! !

    1. Great idea Ruma.. White on Black should be interesting. Will keep it in mind. And I envy u for the season of fairs.. Some day... I hope to be free to wander :)

  2. Great post and wonderful sketch! Interesting to sketch a lighthouse: the one that stands tall in both calm and stormy weather; is immovable in any storm; and the one who guides the lost. Love it!!

    My cure for Blah moment: getting lost in a good movie and forgetting the "real" world for a moment; hiking in the woods; and/or going out with friends.

    1. True.. it's symbolic and very powerful. Go back into time and it suddenly becomes the source of light to many lost amidst the ocean. And hiking in the woods sounds like a great idea.. Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to write.