Thursday, September 5, 2013

A rarity.

Husbands are a rare breed.  As wives we make them go through the emotional roller coaster that they have never sat on. They are often sandwiched between the wife and the inlaws with no choice but to smile through it all.  It is often the woman who gets all the laurels for being the care giver, teacher, laundry person, cleaner and the do it all of the family. But let's not forget the power of the dad. The dad who teaches his kids to ride a bike, shoot a hoop, stand up after a fall and also take his princess to the ballet classes. Men are different from women, she knew that. When she met him, they chatted about nothing in particular. They both knew they were exact opposites, and yet they agreed to marry. When she asked him, he smiled and said, who wants to fall in love with a mirror image. At that point she knew he was different.  And so started their journey of spending a lifetime and beyond of togetherness and happiness. 

Togetherness that is often accompanied by fights. But wait, he doesn't call them fights, he calls them healthy discussions. Tears make him sad, but what annoys him more is silence. Communication he says is the key to any successful relationship.  Birthday planning; he says everyday is a celebration. Why make a big deal out of one day?  I say, but birthday's are special, we were born then and we should celebrate our coming into this world, especially this crazy world :) And he smiles.  The smile turns into a laughter. A laughter that is funnier than the situation. This laughter is the life of his home. 

It's a different philosophy to look at every day as a celebration and it takes an eternal optimist to do that. He is an optimist who has taught me to that it is okay to be emotional, but problems are solved by logic and not emotions.   

He taught me that relationships are about complementing each other and not supplementing. He is not an artsy person, and yet reminds me to research on 3D printers as an alternative art medium.  He is not the kind who surprises with flowers, but yes he did drive us for thousands of miles to fulfill a dream to see Yellowstone National Park. 

He enjoys ordinariness and fancy bothers him. In this world where it's all about out doing the other, he accepts the simpleton and makes him feel the genius we all are. He teaches me the importance of leadership by example and not force.  And most importantly, the teaches me to let go of expectations and learn to accept what comes and makes the best of it.   

Sometimes he is a friend, sometimes he is a guide, sometimes he is a teacher, sometimes he is a funny dad and sometimes a strict one, but every single day he is to me, my kids and the world around him, the wonderful person that he is.

One universe, nine planets, seven seas, I don't know how many countries or how many cities in this world and yet we had the chance to meet.  Now that's a rarity!  

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