Friday, May 3, 2013

Sweet Surprise!

I usually don't post on Friday's, but today was just special. It was a great morning, a girl friend pulled me in to go shopping with her and find that perfectly handsome dinosaur t-shirt for a little T-Rex.  We did find that and of course many more goodies. 
But the highlight of today that made my day and many days ahead was meeting my kids' 3rd grade teacher. She is retired now. Her year with my son was the last in the school. We had stopped at Panera Bread for a quick bite and there she was having lunch with a friend. I of course had to stop and say hello. And she was thrilled and instantly had so many questions about my kid. And then she said something that I will hold special forever in my heart. 

She said, "My husband and I were talking, and we are coming for his 6th grade graduation." I am a big girl, so I don't cry, but that did bring tears that were held back and of course I was instantly standing taller.
 How do you thank a teacher who loves your kid so much, that two years after retirement still talks about him?  How do you thank a teacher who has your kids picture on her refrigerator? I honestly don't know how. Its priceless when your child has been influenced by so many wonderful people.

My post yesterday got a mixed bag of reactions, and I think most people missed the point.  Its a note to self, to not write a very long post, keep it short and sweet, so the message of "nurturing the child and working with their personality and not peer pressures" is passed along. 

Today was honestly a packed day filled with errands. The surprise meet today has brought back energy in me. 

When a past teacher remembers your child so fondly and lovingly, the feeling is just priceless. 

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