Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Happy Mother's Day!

Today's post just like the title is short, simple and sweet. It's a simple tribute to the moms of the world and of course mine too

Becoming a mom is an interesting experience.  When the tiny bundle of joy is handed to the mom, it is the most amazing and overwhelming feeling. To think that an entire human being was living and thriving within her in some ways is also a very powerful feeling. It is the power to nurture. This is one aspect of life, that men will never know.  

Who is a mother? I'll let you decide.

To me, I have always seen my mother stand tall as a pillar. She was the one who watched me as a hawk and yet never told me that she was watching. Growing up I argued with her, I screamed and we fought and I never understood why she was so possessive and adamant about not letting me wear too much make up, i.e until 4 years ago when I had my own daughter. And then those answers suddenly became obvious. 

It is true we don't understand what are parents went through until we have our own. 

Mom, today too is one who wears a velvet glove over an iron hand. I am thankful for the fact that at a very young age she told me, "The one thing every woman should know is how to cook." And yes, I was only in 5th grade when I started cooking. I am thankful for the fact that she still thinks its okay to scold me when I behave illogically or when I am being unfair to her grandkids. I am thankful for the fact that she is keeping up with times and is able to talk and relate to her grandkids and most importantly I am thankful she has a Facebook account .. LOL! I love the fact that she enjoys Facebooking, not because I am a FB junkie, but more so because to me that is a symbol of an alert and young mother. She puts me to shame when she solves those sudoku puzzles faster than me. And yes, she remembers the nuances of English grammar and can calculate percentages better and faster than me, so I am really thankful when she takes care of checking homework during her short stays in the US. 

To make a long story short, I am thankful for you being you! 

But wait, there is another mom in my wife. What we all call the Mother-in-law. My MIL and mom are bang opposites, with one thing common, they both are strong willed woman.  My relationship with my MIL started like all most daughter in laws, there was respect and slowly over years with some arguments, and discussions, the respects gradually turned into a mutual understanding and today after 15 years, yes I can talk to her like I talk to my mom. 

MIL has lived for her kids. Her life today too revolves around her kids. She selflessly raised her two kids and today stands tall with pride as she sees them thrive in their respective homes. She too, puts me to shame :) for she can devour a WSJ better than an investment banker. Technically she does not have a formal education and yet she can converse on any topic and very often will not only discuss, she also remembers the statistics and the numbers accompanying the topic. Its honestly very impressive and a great feeling to see her read the WSJ.  She appreciates the paintings I make and enjoys the food I cook. What more can I ask for? Its about the little joys in life. 

With two strong women in my life who have lived their lives for their families but on their own terms, there is little room for me to falter.

Today on mother's day, I thank god for sending these two wonderful women in my life. 

They are truly the Women of Substance! 


  1. I totally agree wid u . U have perfect portrayed a mother. We all feel d same for our mother. On this day I really would like to thank my Mom for all her unconditional love and care.

  2. All the pride for mom. do i get a place sometime in your blogs too?