Saturday, November 15, 2014

Fiction to Reality.

Today is special.

Today I got the best gift possible; I now have 

This space has been in the making for years. This is where I take the bright vibrant reds and blend them in with the calm blues to create the imperfect and yet mystical purple :) Okay, yes I am a pink and purple girl.  It's more than a palette of vibrant colors, it's a way to connect, aspire and create.

The blogposts, some thought provoking, some silly and some cribbing will continue, but only once a month.  There's a new kid on the blog, its called "Sans Recipes." It's my new baby, and so get's more attention :) 

Few weeks ago, I took you In My Kitchen.  With "Sans Recipes" together, we experiment in a virtual space to share and create real hearty food from anything and everything in our pantry. There is only one condition, no recipes.  Ever wondered, why cooking seems like a chore to so many of us. It's because we limit ourselves to the recipes. Why does every Indian curry start with a tomato? Sans Recipes hopes to take the boredom out of cooking. It doesn't matter what your pantry does not have, a yummylicious wholesome meal can always be made with a few basic ingredients.  With Sans Recipes I hope we can break free from the slavery of recipe cooking.  

Last year in November, you met The Shy Girl. Today the shy girl is feeling blessed and thankful for all she has.  We are a product of our experiences, the good, the bad and the ugly; all of them make us complete.  Every good fiction has a central character and every good story has a character that evolves and reshapes with the story to make it complete. The story of life is no different from the best selling fiction novel.  It's a fiction indeed 'cos life happens one day at a time. Every day we take the fictitious tomorrow and make it a reality.  

Today my fiction became a reality.  

Happy Birthday to ME! 

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