Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Woman, Are you Real?

"I love to read your blog, I don't always get to, but what I do I am always amazed at your spirit ,and your way of making us all,Feel like Alice looking through the looking glass of life! Keep up the great work!" 

This is one of the sweetest comments a follower posted on my blog. Thank you for visiting and taking the time to write. Looking glass it is! We all including myself have a looking glass that helps brings things into perspective and then we look away to accept the reality as it is. I honestly don't blame anyone who does so, life is challenging and if all of us can just be, that itself is an achievement to begin with. 

Coming back to today. This blog post has been in the making for decades now. It took this share on FB to bring it to reality. I'll let u read this first. 

So what do you think? Who are you? 

I don't think my house is always clean and I never have enough patience, enough smiles or enough kind words on a daily basis for everyone I cross path with; and yet I am a WOMAN in every sense of the word.  

Who is a real woman? Is she the perfectly dressed lady you cross paths with every morning when you drop of your child at school, or is she the amazing multi-tasker who manages her work and home like clock work and still has time for her kids or is she the one who says "I can't do it all. I need time for myself," and so she hires help to take care of the routine stuff. 

I think they all are the real woman. If they choose to believe otherwise, that's their decision, but they are amazing women in my world. 

We are trained to think of beauty and perfection in a certain way. Some blame it on mythology, some on world pageants and I blame it on no one. It's a perspective, there is no right or wrong about it. 

Today as the world leans in, the pinks move into the shirt aisle and the Lego's are now pink and purple too, I look through my looking glass and see myself years ago. I maybe an odd one out here, but I love buying dolls for little girls. What's wrong with that?  I loved dolls as a little girl, I loved flaunting my adolescent beautiful long hair and enjoyed just being a girl, and yet today I can use a drill machine with equal ease. 

Don't get me wrong here, I am all for girls being taught science and taking leadership roles but like every thing else today the word "feminism" is going through a shift too. Feminism is often considered a synonym to misandrists, today it's not.

Feminism to me is simply celebrating being a woman, and she can do that as she flies a plane,  builds a deck using power tools or simply by choosing to be pretty.  

When the post above, says that you must be a man because no woman in the real world does all of the above. I disagree. A real woman does not need to do all that. 

A real woman: 
  • Is honest
  • Cries her heart out every so often
  • Screams if she needs to
  • Understands the power of silence 
  • Knows her worth. She will let others get away with only so much :) 
  • Is confident in her steps
  • Wears sweat pants, does not wear make up and is comfortable in her own skin
  • Sometimes takes her own sweet time to find her objectives and goals in life
  • May not have all the answers and is not afraid to ask for help
  • Has one AWESOME girl friend
  • Needs to vent out, and hey sometimes even just b**** about life. 
  • And yes, when she meets a real man, she is not afraid to spend her life with him. She will make his dreams her own and push him to achieve them even if it is at the cost of her dreams
  • But if she doesn't meet one, she is confident to take those steps alone and make her own dreams come true. 

It's not about the hair, the house or how elegant her dress is. 
It's about her; and to her it's about being real and hers.  


  1. awesome work maasi....i loved it...

  2. Thank you Hansuta. Did not know that you follow too. Love that it resonates well with the younger generation too .

    Can't wait to meet all of you again.