Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Am I the Mean One?

Thank you for the encouragement and responses to last weeks guest blogpost. You made an eleven year old very happy.

Today, I am very excited to have got permission form another budding artist, poet and writer. This is also a guest blogpost by a young twelve year old. She is a voracious reader who takes inspirations from her reads and writes short stories and plots for her future novels. She 'scribbles' poetry every now and then and thinks that she is a bad Poet. :) 

She compliments her writing with her own illustrations and loves to draw and color/shade. Manga Art is her favorite. Juggling her hobbies and school, she also finds time to practice gymnastics and swimming. Like all tweens, her friends are her life!  
At such a young age, her writing and art reflects human emotions. It is special when a twelve year old is sensitive to the feelings of others. Her work has been commended by her seniors and peers. One of her poems won Reflections' Award in Lawson middle school in 2013. Also, her poem was part of Young American poetry digest.

Her poem "Am I the Mean One" is her perspective on bullying; a growing problem in schools today.


When people pick on me
I cry because I am mad
So I get even with them 
And then I am glad

But then I am sad
because I am not always mean

But they make me feel like a small bean

So does that make me mean?

I am not mean or Am I?

- By Rujul

Art  By Rujul : Reflecting the feeling in the Poem "Am I the Mean One?"
I think its a brilliant illustration. Love the questioning sad expression in the eyes and how she is cuddling herself.

Her poem was also chosen by Project Cornerstone as an illustration of how kids feel when bullied. Below is a snapshot of their Facebook page. 

Please join me in wishing this budding writer, poet and artist success in all her future endeavors. I look forward to reading her publications.


  1. The eyes Tell it All...Very touching

  2. Wow... Incredible for have such a writeup from a twelve year old! Best wishes to Rujul.. Hope she flowers as an artist!!!

    1. Thank you Seema. I am sure she will be thrilled to read all the positive feedback. It is commendable when the younger generations show maturity beyond their years.

  3. wow ! very impressive !! Best wishes always ...