Thursday, February 14, 2013

Love; It's Logically, Illogical.

“You know you're in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.”

I love this quote, not for the romance, but because it captures the essence of love. Love makes our dreams a reality. 

What is Love?  There are probably as many forms of love as there are people in the world. For a child, it’s the tender care of his/her mother, for a mother it’s the simple hug she receives from her child, for a sister it’s the unconditional support of her brother and for a wife it’s the few minutes of her husband’s (phone free) attention LOL! There is one thing common in every definition; Love is a beautiful feeling that starts with conception of a living being.

A feeling that is assumed and taken for granted in its infancy, but grows to be a choice.  So, is love a choice? I think so. Be it any relationship, it’s a choice. A choice we make consciously and nurture patiently with kindness, care and affection; the combination is love.  In our lifespan we cross paths with millions, but choose to be friends with a handful.  Once again, even though we meet many who are kind, gentle and caring souls, we choose to bond with a few.  
Made this painting for a client. It is more than the hearts.
It depcits love that spans time, has its ups and downs
and yet emerges triumphant, vibrant and alive. 

Some relations are given to us and with the right nurturing we always value them. Some we build, and those are, our friends and that significant someone. 

We meet many, and love many, but romance only one. Romance and love are often considered synonyms, however love comes in many forms, romance comes in only one.  In today's times, love is generic, romance is a brand :-)  Life, makes us meet many, by choice, we choose who to care for, how we want to care for and how much we want to care for. Once the choice is made, then comes the decision to love and acknowledge it.  To a friend, acknowledgement is helping and being there for them.  To the special one, acknowledgement is not just being there, its also important to say those three little words.  Love without acknowledgement is like a dream without aspirations.  Its one thing to love a person, but to say "I love you" is a whole different ball game. It is this relationship that is the hardest and needs the most work. For it brings out the best in us, it is this love that makes our dreams a reality and yet sometimes hurts the most too. 

An up close look at Romance. 
I know what you’re thinking. Since when has love been so logical. It's supposed to be illogical isn't it? Love isn’t logical, but we are.   I don’t know if it’s the mind that makes us love or the heart that tells the mind to love. All I know is, when they talk to you; listen to both of them.  You will realize they are two sides of the same coin. They are nature's watchdog's that present us with two different scenarios, once again we choose what we want to see and ignore the other, and so starts the cycle of choose, decide and acknowledge all over again.  

So this Valentine's day, remember to express your love to those who matter. 

Happy Valentines Day to you and yours.


  1. Hope you have a great Valentines' Day!!

  2. Happy Valentines Day to you!!!! love you..... :D

    1. To you too Riddhi... Wishing you a wonderful Valentine's day weekend and Thank you.

  3. Nice painting...but
    making waa much better!! Two sides of coin n one soul!! Everything is within us still we search for it outside. Love is illusion...Happy valentines day!!!

    1. I am glad you liked the process Seema, and even happier that u can now post on the blog :-)

      Happy Valentine's day to you too. Thanks for thinking of me today.

  4. Happy Valentine's day to you Shilpa! This blog thought couldn't have been at a better timing when while reading it and thinking about my better half..... and lo, he arrives! Hearts connect with love cherished over these years...

    I just love your painting. Hearts are so radiant and powerful, yet vulnerable to each other!

    I wouldn't consider your creations as 'Imperfectly' Perfect Creations, instead as continuously passing on experiences with your Perfect Creations :)

    1. Thanks Amrita , your continued support means a lot. And I am glad the timing worked out. Have a fun Valentines weekend.

  5. That was a beautiful and touching take on love! Hope you had a memorable Valentine's day! This year the puppy love Valentines were a little fizzled out, no roses, chocolates, teddy bears with any damsels!! Think love is going thru a makeover! Did see an
    elderly couple sitting cosy on the grass, soaking in the winter sun chatting away...that was a perfect Valentine couple for me!
    Loved your painting of the hearts. That's great going with the painting illustrating your thoughts!

  6. Thanks Ruma. Valentines day was good... roses, a home cooked movie followed by movie time. Nothing elaborate.. just relaxed and chilled with the kids and hubby. Its interesting how our definitions change with time :) At a later state... I hope that as I grow old, I too can soak in the sun and relax and chat away and not worry about life.

    This painting is special and turned out way better than I imagined it. Wish I could show it in person, it looks quite amazing :-) Blowing my trumpet now.. LOL!